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Let's tackle Singapore’s social inequality issues together.Create4Good (C4G) Innovation Fund is an accelerator-like program aimed at enabling early start-up teams to fulfill their social impact objectives while building a sustainable model to ensure a lasting impact in the community.We want to help your business become the next exciting
social enterprise.

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Create4Good (C4G) Innovation Fund is a social venture program by the late philanthropist Mr. Kwek Leng Joo, who made a personal mission to help youths focus their talents on tackling current and pressing social problems. The program has sharpened its focus on reducing societal inequality, aligning with the United Nation’s Development Goal #10.We create the platform for you to fulfill your mission to help underprivileged communities by providing you with the tools, network, and support so you can be the driver of your cause. You will learn the latest start-up methodology, attend panels and discussions, and get involved in the community – all within the context of social ventures.Together, you can make a difference.

getting started


The journey starts with understanding the social inequality problem you are trying to solve. Having a deep understanding of the problem will help navigate the remainder course of the problem better. Learn more about UNSDG10 using this link or click the icon below.

Unsure if your project would have the right solution to tackle inequality? Contact us using the button below or check the project scopes from our alumni.

program outcome

giving fuel to passion

Through this program you can expect to receive:

  1. Mentorship from a suite of experienced mentors in the space you are working on.

  2. Resources to help your start-up meet your impact objectives, such as impact assessment toolkits, validation toolkits, impact business model canvas, and others.

  3. Networking and Exposure to the impact ecosystem through the events and activities happening throughout the program.

  4. Support from SUTD VIE includes venture partnership and incubation support. For selected teams, we will also provide $50,000 (equity-free) to support your impact venture.

Application checklist

  1. Prepare a project information deck (see template).

  2. Founder's CV.


  • At least one team member is affiliated with SUTD and/or SUTD-VIE program alumni.

  • The project should not have received more than $50,000 in funding at the point of application.

  • The team should not have incorporated a business entity before the program and will be required to incorporate it if awarded the grant.

Application Package

  1. Team Lead

  2. Role and Education background of each team member.

  3. Team Biography (50 words)

  4. Resume for each member (2-page)

  5. Declaration of any existing and upcoming funding status of the proposed solution


Have more questions about the program? Check out our FAQ below for a collection of questions from you!

The program application will open in Q1 2025! Reach us below if you would like to get in touch for more information.


More details soon!


meet our recent alumni

Since 2022, we have supported seven teams in receiving further support of a $50,000 pre-seed grant, incubation support, and a dedicated venture partner.


Tictag is a Singaporean startup dedicated to democratizing AI accessibility.Website | Instagram | LinkedIn


Caring Home prioritizes caregivers' well-being for enhanced care quality, incorporating a Fall Risk Alert system with Applied Machine Learning.


ObstaX empowers people who are blind or have low vision to navigate their surroundings independently with AI-powered smart assistive devices.LinkedIn


Seaforms are committed to restoring the degraded marine ecosystem for the local aquaculture farmers. Our solution designs resilient and flourishing marine habitats, improving the health and well-being of the oceans for reliable and productive commercial farming of fishes.Instagram


NavDeck is helping users to match their skills to pathways leading to great careers. Their platform provides personalized career guidance and connects job seekers with opportunities that align with their skills and interests.LinkedIn

Talula Hill
farmer's box

Talula Hill Farmer's Box is working to make fresh produce affordable to consumers. Their solution streamlines the supply chain, reducing inefficiencies and costs, and ultimately delivers high-quality produce at great prices.Web | Facebook | Instagram


Chat4Good is building the future of smart chatbots to accelerate aid distribution. By partnering with grant agencies, they accelerate access to financial support across Asia.

Stick ‘Em

Stick 'Em provides affordable, easy and fun STEAM education kits for the underprivileged. Coupled with a online ecosystem, learning about Robotics can be fun and affordable.
Web | Instagram


Taptiles aim to provide a low-cost, sustainable energy generators with real-time data collection built into floor tiles.LinkedIn

Little changemakers

Little Changemakers' provides inclusive framework-based, thematic, sensory play kits and spaces for the differently-abled learners.
Web | Instagram | Facebook

Silver online service

Silver Online Service aims to close the gap in mobile phone usage among elders. It creates a digitally empowering screen-sharing for the elderly to get connected to help for mobile usage.

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